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Weather Update


Tuesday, September 5
Florida Southern’s Emergency Management Team is continuing to monitor Hurricane Irma. Due to the unpredictability of the storm and to make all necessary preparations to ensure the safety of FSC students, we have made the decision to cancel classes and close campus housing. All students must leave the campus by 5:00p.m. on Thursday, September 7th.

Important Information:

  • Classes will be held on Wednesday, September 6th, including all night classes.
  • All college housing, including apartments, will be closed. Students will need to leave College housing no later than Thursday, September 7 at 5:00 PM
  • Students with extenuating circumstances who cannot find alternative housing arrangements should contact Dean Bill Langston to discuss their situation, by 2:00 PM on Wednesday. Dean Langston can be reached at or at 863-680-3967.
  • Classes will resume on Thursday, September 14.
  • If you have questions and would like to speak with someone on campus, please reach out to Associate Dean, Shari Szabo (863-680-4900 or

Note for FSC Staff and Faculty:
At this time, we ask that all staff and faculty adhere to their normal work schedules unless otherwise notified. We are continuing to monitor the storm and will prioritize safety.

Helpful Resources:
If you have questions, updates will be available on our emergency hotline (863-680-4101) or visit our website for continued updates.

Monday, September 4
Florida Southern College is closely monitoring Hurricane Irma. We will provide updates as the storm system continues its westerly movement across the Atlantic.


Emergency Hotline Phone Number:

The following is a telephone number that can be used during emergency situations to hear a recorded message about the status of the campus (i.e. whether the campus is operational and who is required to report to work).
(863) 680-4101



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